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Welcome to my review blog – “Views She Writes”.

I take great pleasure in reading books and that is how I started to review them as well. Giving back something to the society  is why I started reviewing. Therefore, I try my best to do the most deserved justice to both the books and the authors while writing reviews.


My most favorite type of books are

  • Murder Mysteries 
  • Cozy Mysteries
  • Psychological Thrillers

However, if the book is really interesting, it might get selected for reviewing. Please feel free to write to  me for reviewing. If it does not appeal to me, I  shall revert to you stating the same. But, I strongly keep away from intense violence, torture, dark theme, paranormal, horror, erotica, LGBT and the like.

I am open to new authors as well. In fact most of my reviewed books are of Indie authors. So anyone is welcome to contact me for reviewing.


The book shall be accepted for review only in HARD COPY. Soft copy in any form is not preferred. Kindly contact me only if you would be willing to send a Hard Copy of your book across to India, where I reside currently.

Please note that this is a non-negotiable topic and request you to adhere to the same.


In a normal 5 pointer rating, the Ratings shall be done considering the following aspects (For 10 Point rating, the stars will be doubled)

  • Grammar and Language
  • Complexity of Characters
  • Flow of the Story
  • Style of Narration
  • Overall feel of the story

The Author and Publishing Company does not influence my rating in any way. So this supports the fact that Indie Authors get equal chances of scoring as established Authors.

The explanations of the rating are as follows:

  • 1 Star – The book / story was so bad I could not even finish it
  • 2 Star – Merely passable. Not recommended to buy.
  • 3 Star – It is OK. You can read it at your own risk
  • 4 Star – It was really good. Something could have been better
  • 5 Star – Exceptional. Possibly the next best seller


Once I do select the book, you can be assured that the Review shall be completely honest. However, please note that the review shall be totally honest. If you are trying to get only positive reviews, please do not take up my review. I give it as I get it.

The Review will be directly published on the blog. It will not be shared in a draft format with the author. Once the Review is final and released, it will be shared with the  Author. The Author can suggest technical changes, like if I have misspelled the name of a character or some circumstance. But the thoughts regarding the book will remain uninfluenced.

I also reserve the right to not complete reading the book, depending upon the story. In case I find it disturbing or realize that I will not be able to give a positive review at all, or any other reasons, I will not complete the book. The author shall be informed immediately and with reasons for not completing the book. However that does not necessarily mean that should not stop the author from contacting me again. Any other book which suits my requirement can be submitted to me again and we can take up the partnership from there.


Once the review is finished, the author shall be informed of the same and shared a link to my blog where the review is published. Other than that, the review is also published on the sites mentioned below (Click on them to go to my reviews on those sites)

If there are any other sites you want me to publish my review, please do let me know when I send you the Review Link. I shall post it as requested.

I also request the authors to post the reviews on their pages and websites so that the review and my blog shall get its visibility. Any posts shared on the authors’ websites or anywhere else should have a re-direct link to my blog.

Posting of my reviews without the re-direct link shall be considered Plagiarism and shall be taken strict action against. Kindly refrain from the same as I am giving in a lot of effort to get this published.


You can contact me through my Goodreads account or directly mail me at I try and reply to all the mails on the same day itself.

Best wishes and thanks again
Devi Nair


Book Review of “All Eyes on Me” by Linsay Lanier

All Eyes on Me (Miranda and Parker Mystery #1)

Genre: Murder Mystery / Suspense / Thriller 

After having read the first part of Miranda’s Rights, I was very much interested in reading the first part of “Miranda and Parker Mysteries”. Knowing how their relationship is progressing now that they are married was very highly anticipated. However, the book could not live up to my expectations.

The story started well with giving a decent introduction to the couple post marriage. Anyone who had jumped from one series to the other without having read the books in between, like me, still would get properly aligned to the book right from the start. The flow is impressive and the way the story connects from “Someone Else’s Daughter” to “All Eyes on Me” is simply  well done. Of course it is still recommended that the book be read in its rightful sequence, as there are many things that could only be understood if the series is properly followed, Nonetheless, there is no loss in skipping the paid copies, as Linsay has got it properly covered.

However, the relationship between Miranda and Parker could have been shown in a better light. It is understandable that the two of them are immensely attracted to one another, but showing that in almost every page was really not required. After having suffered such a huge accident in the previous book, Miranda might be physically weak but the way she is portrayed all through the series was enough reason to not assume that she would be emotionally weak. Being her husband, when Wade tries to protect her at every step, it felt really fake. Too much PDA through writing could have been very much avoided.

Leaving the unwanted romance aside, the mystery in itself was wonderfully written. Again, like “Someone Else’s Daughter“, the killer can be easily guessed right at the chapter which gives a one page POV of the killer. The way that chapter had written gave out enough clues to point the killer out. But still, the story takes the reader through a whole lot of maze which makes the reader question their guess at multiple stops through the book. That, in my opinion, was beautiful writing.

Also I did not like the way O’Toole’s character suddenly turned good. After being literally humiliated by Parker and especially Miranda on various grounds,  his character could have pulled his weight for some more time. The truce felt a bit too soon and forced into the story. Ralston’s character, too, was underdeveloped. She had played such an important role in supporting the PIs and towards the end, she just vanished. Having subtly enforced the feminist theme all through the series, when such a strong female character was underused, it stung. That could have been avoided.

There were also some typo errors through the book, which was really surprising. But they were very few and far between so it will not affect the reading experience. Overall, go for this book for the brilliant mystery, and totally skip the romance part. It is a nice experience.

Star Rating: 4 Stars

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Someone Else's Daughter (Miranda's Rights, #1)

Genre: Murder Mystery / Suspense / Thriller 

Before I started the book, I went through some of the reviews in GoodReads. They were mixed ones with some negative current underlying. But having liked the blurb of the book, I thought of going ahead with it anyway. And that happened to be a wonderful choice for me.

There is nothing not to love in this book. Miranda Steele is a very believable character. The things that she has gone through in her past has only motivated her to get stronger and bolder in her attitude towards life. The “Steele” she has in her is only further enforced by her incessant liking for very hot peppers. She gets the break of her life by getting noticed by Wade Parker, who is a PI. The attraction between them is natural and goes well with the story.

The story is wholly focused on Miranda, with Wade getting some POVs in between. The central female character gives the story a better feel. The male character is also written in such a way as to give enough importance to him but not having him overshadow Miranda. This gives a very woman-centric theme to the book, which makes it enthralling.

The actual murder on which the mystery is based is also nicely scripted, although at times I felt the author wants the readers to figure out the killer way before the final reveal. I could guess the killer about 60% into the book and was proved right at the end, albeit in a very surprising way.

Linsay is a wonderful writer. She added enough witty comments in the book to make the reader literally laugh out loud in certain situations, thereby ensuring the story does not turn boring or monotonous. Her style of writing ensures that you cannot keep the book down till you reach the very end. I am looking forward to more wonderful cases with Miranda and Wade. They make a wonderful couple and are in perfect sync to solve mysteries.

Star Rating: 5 Stars

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J for Jealousy

Prompt: Your character is in the middle of a messy divorce.  His/her divorce lawyer has advised him/her not to move out of the house because doing so could negatively affect his/her divorce settlement.  His/her spouse likewise refuses to move out, so the two are still living together.  When your character starts a new romantic relationship, this complicated arrangement becomes even more complicated…

So how does Jack and Helen sort it out? Or do they sort it out? Find out more and check out the story at J for Jealousy


I for Impulse

Prompt – On a foreign holiday, your character meets an extremely attractive man or woman.  They don’t speak the same language, but they somehow find a way to understand each other, and your character feels a powerful connection that s/he has never felt with anyone before.  Impulsively, your character marries this person after they’ve only known each other a very short time.  Your character’s new husband/wife moves to your character’s country and begins to take language classes there.  The better the spouse is able to communicate, the more your character realizes that s/he isn’t the person your character had believed…

Are John and Anya really too incompatible to live together? Is love really such a fickle friend? When you love someone truly, is it really easy to let go? Or it is difficult to be together?

Read I for Impulse to figure out what happened between John and Anya

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H for House Guest

Prompt – This year, your character resolves to save money.  So, he is intrigued when he sees an online ad offering a free bedroom in a shared apartment.  The apartment’s owner explains that s/he is lonely and just wants company.  It sounds quite strange, but it could save your character a fortune in rent…

John found a new place to live. But the place feels a bit weird to him. Will he be able to figure out what is wrong with the place? Or will he be totally oblivious to it?

Read H for House Guest and find out

This is my first attempt at a different genre of writing. It was with the help of a friend at Teja Main Hoon…Mark Idhar Hai! that I could write this one.

Do share if you like it and comment if you have any suggestions to the story. I am new at writing short stories and would really appreciate your comments on my improvement



G for Gift

Prompt – This year, your character resolves to get organized.  While she is sorting through papers in her house, she discovers an expensive insurance policy that her husband has taken out on her life.  Why has he done that?  And why didn’t he tell her about it?  And why does he have a second cell phone hidden in the back of his desk drawer?

When your spouse hides something from you, it is a major cause of panic. But when the hidden thing is as huge as an insurance in your name, then it is grounds for downright fear for your life. What is it that Rebecca’s husband is hiding from her? What will she find out when she confronts John about it?

Read on at G for Gift to find out what happened next

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F for Fate

Prompt – Every evening, when she goes to the parking garage of her office building, your character finds a new love note tucked under the windshield wipers of her car.  These love notes are very beautiful and fill your character with powerful emotions.  But they are all addressed to “Caroline”.  Your character’s name is Melissa…

Everyone likes when someone appreciates them. That is human quality and we cannot hide from it. But what if someone appreciates you but names someone else? You know your qualities are being appreciated but why is someone else’s name being taken to address you? Are those appreciations really for you? Or is it a case of mistaken identity? What would you do? What did Melissa do?

Read on at F for Fate to figure out what happened next.

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E for Enthrall

Prompt – This year, your character resolves to publish her novel. She sends it to an agent, who almost immediately finds a potential publisher. The problem? The novel’s protagonist is recognizably based your character’s best friend, and the novel is based on the friend’s secret love affair. When the book comes out, everyone in their small town will know the friend’s secret. Is there a way for your character to publish the novel without ruining their friendship and her friend’s life?

Rebecca and Melissa are best of friends since childhood. Melissa has a secret which only Rebecca knows. But her temptation to make her protagonist in her book like Melissa overcame the bond of friendship and the secret keeping of her friend. How will Rebecca resolve this crisis? Will they break their friendship of so many years?

Read on at E for Enthrall

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2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,300 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 55 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


D for Drive

Prompt: This year, your character resolves to get his driver’s license.  A week after he does, he is driving on a lonely road when a pedestrian suddenly walks in front of the car.  Your character hits the person, then panics and drives off.  Now, he’s tormented by guilt.  Has he killed someone?  He can’t find any information about the accident in the newspapers.  He needs to discover the truth and, if possible, make amends.  But he doesn’t want to be arrested…

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