Book Review Policy

Dear Authors,

Welcome to my review blog – “Views She Writes”.

I take great pleasure in reading books and that is how I started to review them as well. Giving back something to the society  is why I started reviewing. Therefore, I try my best to do the most deserved justice to both the books and the authors while writing reviews.


My most favorite type of books are

  • Murder Mysteries 
  • Cozy Mysteries
  • Psychological Thrillers

However, if the book is really interesting, it might get selected for reviewing. Please feel free to write to  me for reviewing. If it does not appeal to me, I  shall revert to you stating the same. But, I strongly keep away from intense violence, torture, dark theme, paranormal, horror, erotica, LGBT and the like.

I am open to new authors as well. In fact most of my reviewed books are of Indie authors. So anyone is welcome to contact me for reviewing.


The book shall be accepted for review only in HARD COPY. Soft copy in any form is not preferred. Kindly contact me only if you would be willing to send a Hard Copy of your book across to Toronto, Canada.

Please note that this is a non-negotiable topic and request you to adhere to the same.


In a normal 5 pointer rating, the Ratings shall be done considering the following aspects (For 10 Point rating, the stars will be doubled)

  • Grammar and Language
  • Complexity of Characters
  • Flow of the Story
  • Style of Narration
  • Overall feel of the story

The Author and Publishing Company does not influence my rating in any way. So this supports the fact that Indie Authors get equal chances of scoring as established Authors.

The explanations of the rating are as follows:

  • 1 Star – The book / story was so bad I could not even finish it
  • 2 Star – Merely passable. Not recommended to buy.
  • 3 Star – It is OK. You can read it at your own risk
  • 4 Star – It was really good. Something could have been better
  • 5 Star – Exceptional. Possibly the next best seller


Once I do select the book, you can be assured that the Review shall be completely honest. If you are trying to get only positive reviews, please do not take up my review. I give it as I get it.

The Review will be directly published on the blog. It will not be shared in a draft format with the author. Once the Review is final and released, it will be shared with the  Author. The Author can suggest technical changes, like if I have misspelled the name of a character or some circumstance. But the thoughts regarding the book will remain uninfluenced.

I also reserve the right to not complete reading the book, depending upon the story. In case I find it disturbing or realize that I will not be able to give a positive review at all, or any other reasons, I will not complete the book. The author shall be informed immediately and with reasons for not completing the book. However that does not necessarily mean that should not stop the author from contacting me again. Any other book which suits my requirement can be submitted to me again and we can take up the partnership from there.


Once the review is finished, the author shall be informed of the same and shared a link to my blog where the review is published. Other than that, the review is also published on the sites mentioned below (Click on them to go to my reviews on those sites)

If there are any other sites you want me to publish my review, please do let me know when I send you the Review Link. I shall post it as requested.

I also request the authors to post the reviews on their pages and websites so that the review and my blog shall get its visibility. Any posts shared on the authors’ websites or anywhere else should have a redirect link to my blog.

Posting of my reviews without the redirect link shall be considered Plagiarism and strict actions shall be taken against such posts. Kindly refrain from the same as I am putting in a lot of effort to get the review published.


You can contact me through my Goodreads account or directly mail me at I try and reply to all the mails at the earliest convenient time.

Best wishes and thanks again
Devi Nair



Genre – Mystery / Paranormal / Cozy mystery


Ghosts, Mystery, and Fashion. Can this diva solve her own murder, or will she be stuck in limbo forever?

After recovering from the shock of seeing her own dead body, (still dressed to kill from last night’s party) fashion model, Jaclyn Jade, discovers she’s a ghost with a choice. She can either immediately go back to Hell, do nothing and stay in limbo, or find the reason she fell short of grace and advance to Heaven.

Because she was murdered, Jaclyn hopes that finding her killer will unravel this mystery. With the help of a timid closet-psychic who can speak to the dead, and a handsome, yet arrogant, ghost of a man from the roaring 20s, her search for answers initiates a quirky journey of self-discovery. Personalities, eras, and worlds collide as this mismatched trio race against time to solve the mystery of Jaclyn’s Ghost.

Note: comparable to a 220 page paperback.


Star Rating – 3.5 Stars

The story took a lot of time to develop. Jaclyn is a kind of girl who can be easily disliked by anyone. She is arrogant, blunt, rude and everything else that a model is expected to be. But still Logan and Morgan put up with her and Logan should go to heaven just for that. For about 3/4th of the story goes with this feeling in mind while reading. It is only towards the end that a lot of things change and the book ends of a feel-good note. 

The story is well written and the characters are given proper development and enough word-space. Even side characters like Jaclyn’s boyfriend, Morgan’s boyfriend and some other supporting ghosts are not only given page-space but also proper character development. It is very easy to imagine all the characters in vivid detail while reading the story. 

The overall feel of the story is average. Because of the unnaturally slow start, there are parts in the book where the need to skip some pages get very tempting. Because of that and the story pace, it takes a lot of time to finish reading the book, although the story in itself is very short. The ending felt a like the allocated word count was getting over and so, all the loose ends are quickly tied up. 

Instead of providing a lot of back story to everything in a lot of detail, the story could have been more evenly paced and distributed. 3.5 stars for the story

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Genre – Suspense / Victorian Era


A small community is shaken by the consequences of anonymous poison pen letters which spread scandal and prejudice in the village of Shalbourne.


Star Rating – 5 Stars

Everyone has secrets – mostly harmless but some harmful secrets. Some secrets are hearsay and need not be true. But some hearsay can also be true, as there is rarely any smoke without fire. But whether the secret is harmful or harmless, truth or hearsay, all secrets do affect everyone directly, indirectly involved or involved through medium of being a messenger. All in all, no matter how close knit a village is or how well the villages know each other, the true face of a person is rarely known even to those who live with them everyday.

The above paragraph sums up the entire book. This is one of those very few Victorian set up suspense story which engages the reader and gives a beautiful pictorial representation of the set up along with a wonderful psychological play of characters. The story is not a mystery as the mystery writer’s identity is given out in the initial few chapters itself. It is much more

However, the story delves more on how the lives of all the people in a village are interlinked and how one person’s activity can affect and completely the change the lives of their fellow villagers. The human interactions and emotions are intrinsically woven into a beautiful interconnected web. Every tug of a thread in the web disrupts and creates a wave which can make or break the web, so much as to invoke murderous tendencies.

Anthea has created a delicate masterpiece with this story. The way a person thinks in perspective to self and their surrounding gives a delightful insight to the working of small pocket villages where everyone knows everyone and their relatives. How people manipulate their circumstances to create a favorable image of themselves in the society and how far are they willing to go to maintain this image is the crux of the story. It is truly a master writing and a delightful read. Nothing short of 5 stars.

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Genre – Mystery / Suspense 


In The Rising Minister, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson find themselves matching wits with a poisoner. The lives of everyone in the house of Mr. Clive Brown, at present a junior minister in the government, are at risk. Can Sherlock Holmes discover the identity of the killer before the culprit strikes again?

The Rising Minister is a novella length story and is the latest work in The Sherlock Holmes Uncovered Tales.

My Review

Star Rating – 5 Stars

This is one of those very few Sherlock Holmes books that gives the feel like that of the original series. The writing, story set up, Sherlock and Watson, the language – everything reflected Sir Doyle’s style. The story was full bodied and rich with enough humor and class to enjoy the Sherlockian once again.

One particular thing I have noticed in many Sherlock re-writers is that phrases like “Elementary, my dear Watson!” and “The game’s afoot” are very frequently used, as is the case in this book. However, I am sure it is common knowledge that Sir Doyle himself never used those phrases in the entire series even once. These phrases were brought about by others beside him and all the writers after him have taken it upon themselves to make it a point to include those phrases.

Well, this point does not disrupt the story, though. This is a must read for all those who like a good, clean Sherlock mystery. An absolute delight.

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S for Secret

Layla’s husband has been giving her beautiful gifts, especially clothing.  At first, Layla is pleased (although many of the clothes are one size too small), but then she starts noticing signs that they have been worn by someone else.  In particular, there’s a certain lilac perfume that seems to be clinging to some of them…

What is the secret that her husband is hiding? Will Layla be able to find it out before it is too late? Figure it all out at S for Secret

R for Ring

Mark could not just easily take off the wedding ring. After all, it was on his finger for 10 long years. Some might say it is just a very short duration. But was it truly? Did 10 years really amount to nothing? Yesterday’s conversation with Jill was playing on in his mind.

Should Mark leave Jill? What did Jill do to come to this situation? How will their relation turn out? Will they end it or get back together again? Read on in R for Ring.

Q for Quiet

He was always afraid of the quiet. Silence around him meant that the voices in his head would come out. He was suffering from depression and had been taking medications since a long period of time. But so far none of the drugs had helped quieten the voices in his head. Anything he used to do, the voices used to tell him that he would never be good at it.

Even when he got married, the voices used to convince him that he was a terrible husband and that his wife hates him.

Read on about his life in Q for Quiet

P for Phone Call

Every day Trishala used to get a call on her office landline. The call used to come at the same time each day and there used to be an old lady at the other end of the line asking for Puneet. Trishala had no idea who Puneet was and every day she used to tell the lady that it was a wrong number. Since she was an old lady, Trishala didn’t have the heart to be rude with her for calling everyday.

Who is this lady calling Trishala continuously? And who is Puneet? Read P for Phone Call to find out about the mysterious phone call

O for Orphanage

The twins did not want to go an orphanage on their birthday. But their parents insisted on it every year. They were fed up. They wanted to celebrate their birthday like their friends do – going to the malls, shopping, watching movies and playing with friends.

So this year, they decided to be stern. They decided to have things go their way this time. But what was the reason that their parents were taking them to the orphanage every year? Will this year too, they will go? Or will the kids have it their way? Read on in O for Orphanage.

N for Nose Ring

Nose ring always gave Navya bad thoughts. But that, during that flight, she had a nose ring with her. What was the secret? How did Navya lose her fear for nose rings?

Read on in N for Nose Ring

M for Moby Dick

It was there since a long time. The dream had come to him when he was a child. And it had repeated a lot since then. He learnt painting just because of that dream. And the only painting he ever painted was that dream. He had put his heart and soul into creating it and therefore the painting had felt very real by the time he had finished it.

What was that dream? What did he paint? How is that dream significant? Why is it frequently coming to him? Read on to find out his destiny at M for Moby Dick