Book Review of “A Christmas Tail” by T.F. Muir

In the words of TF Muir:
When Isabelle McLaren is given the devastating news that her ten-year old son, Thomas, has only months to live, she decides to take him to St Andrews to see Hamish McHamish, the town’s famous cat who Thomas believes can cure him, if only he gets to stroke him.

But Hamish is missing, and when Thomas’ health takes a sudden turn for the worse, Isabelle asks DCI Andy Gilchrist for help – find Hamish, and give her son his final wish. But in the season of goodwill to all men, will it take a cat to prove that miracles can still happen?

My Review:
A Christmas Tail is a story about love, hope, and all the Christmas miracle in it. It is a perfect story to be read during Christmas.

The story is about a terminally ill 10 year old boy and his faith that a miracle cat can cure him. That is the faith that everyone feels during Christmas, and that is what most of the times come true for most of us.

It is a short read and a beautiful season felt story. Try it for Christmas.

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