Book Review of Petectives: Christmas Party by Robert J Smith


Christmas time is here and cat detectives Yoshi and Gatsby are back in this holiday whodunnit! Someone not filled with the holiday spirit is trying to kill an obnoxious dog and the Petectives are on the case. While conducting their latest investigation, Gatsby’s also planning a Christmas Eve blowout for the neighborhood animals. Yoshi is dead set against the party but he may be able to use the festivities to unmask a would be killer and teach Gatsby what Christmas is all about. Throw in a canine love triangle and a cute orphan kitten and you’ve got the recipe for one riveting Yuletide affair. The Petectives are throwing a Christmas party and you don’t want to miss it!

My Review:
This is one of the cutest detective novel I have read so far, and that is saying something considering I do not like cats that much too. Gatsby and Yoshi are Petectives – Pet Detectives. They are house cats but has the mind of detectives. Yoshi is more of a thinker and Gatsby is the eyes in the pair of them.

Someone is all set to kill a neighborhood dog who has created a lot of nuisance among pets and humans alike. The dog has got a lot of enemies but who is desperate enough to kill him? The household cat has a history with Yoshi and knows of his deductive skills. She approaches Yoshi and Gatsby to help figure out what is happening in the neighborhood.

It is a short story and hardly a half an hour read. But it is interesting and funny and very much smartly written. For animal lovers, detective mystery lovers, thriller lovers, this book is for literature lovers, which includes everyone. It is a wonderful read, even in a short story. An absolute 5 star book.

And what is the cutest thing about the book? The authors description of himself, as given in It has to be checked, it is as below:

Robert J. Smith is the pen name for Gatsby the cat. Gatsby lives with a human family and his friend Yoshi. Gatsby has held positions as a food critic, actor, mattress tester, mouse chaser and is proud of ability to type without opposable thumbs.

Check out the book at


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