Book Review of “What Lies Between” by Charlena Miller

Trust has never come easily to Ellie Jameson. A broken past taught her that self-reliance is the only option—no one sticks around for the long haul. When a fateful letter arrives with news of an unexpected inheritance, she sees a silver lining in the tragedy that seems to follow her. Anxious to leave American city life for the rugged Scottish Highlands, she sets off to claim her fate in a whirlwind of determination. Captivated by the land of stunning lochs, fiery whisky, and a particularly charming Highland local, it seems things may finally be turning around . . .

But nothing could have prepared Ellie for what awaits at the Glenbroch estate, where she soon discovers very little is as it seems. Intrigue, danger, and secrets surround the life of the father she never knew, entangling her in a web of lies and betrayal. As the line between ally and enemy blurs, Ellie must decide what, and whom, to believe. Her independence and survival skills are put to the test as she learns once and for all whether her heart can be trusted.

My Review:
No matter how much we say “Do not judge a book by its cover”, most of the times, we do end up going by the physical appearance and form a small judgement in our minds about anything in front of us. The same would have happened to me with “What Lies Between”, but the cover of the book does not give anything at all, Nothing at all. Even the name of the book can be taken in any way. The only way of judging this particular novel is by reading it – and reading it to the very last letter, because nothing, absolutely nothing can prepare you for the roller coaster you are about to experience on this journey full of deception, lies, two faces, love, trust, distrust and every possible human emotions with Charlena Miller.

The book starts on a very innocent note. Ellie Jameson is left some property in Scotland by her biological father, with whom she had literally no contact all through her ages. She comes to Scotland and instantly feels at home. To know more about the place, she goes on a guided tour with Ben McIver and they fall for each other. Now the guided tour is over and she is back to check what to do and not to do about the property (which is a would-be resort) left to her and now the story starts. It so happens that McIvers (Father John and son Ben) want to buy the Glenbroch estate and they will stop at nothing. Is Ben such a cruel man as to make her fall for him so that she will sell of the estate to them? As if this was not enough, there are people out there who hate her so much that they would rather she is dead. What is happening? Will she be able to keep the estate which has been in her family for generations, still with her?

There is nothing that would prepare you for this story. It is full of so much twists and turns that you will really be surprised when you come to end of it. And the ending is simply unbelievable. Nothing would prepare you for the climax. There are no words to describe what I felt when the book ended. It was such an amazing read. Charlena Miller has created magic with this book. There is suspense, romance, thrill, deceit, determination, strength, friendship, loyalty and everything you could possibly think of. An absolute 5 star. Try to read it in one go. It is worth it.

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