Book Review of “A Slight Imperfection” by David M. Kelly

Astrophysicist, Alec Myre, is researching the principles of Dark Energy and the nature of the Universe when he uncovers shocking evidence that questions the fundamentals of scientific theory. But given his history of mental illness, will anyone believe him? And is the truth more terrifying than even he imagines?

My Review:
A science fiction short story is truly challenging. Giving the thrilling science fiction with the complete back story and also the suspense is truly an art. And David has nailed it completely.

The character of Alec Myre is shown as eccentric but completely sane as any scientist would be. But he also loves his family very deeply, which is a unique character among scientists. The background is kept crisp and proper. The climax is also in a few lines but packed with a punch. The way space and life is compared to a science program is truly amazing.

The story is a short read but an interesting one.

Check out the book at


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