Book Review of “Deception (Romantic Short Stories)” by Grace Brannigan

Short romance 86 pages. Trey’s boss is old, sick and his days are numbered; and he wants to see his missing granddaughter Katharine before he dies.

Trey will do almost anything for the old man, even if it means having artist Sacha Fortune pretend to be Katharine.

Sacha is forced to assume the other woman’s identity, because if she doesn’t comply, Trey will expose her criminal past to the art world which has so recently embraced her art.

But Sacha has more to lose than Trey could ever guess.

My Review:
Deception is a short romantic story with mystery to it. In fact the entire story is a mystery – Is she? Is she not? The romance is not such that it hits hard. It is a soft and sweet romance and the mystery underneath goes strong till the beautiful unraveling of it.

Although the story is short in itself, the foundation of the story is strong. The base being story, the built up is interesting and hence the story is engaging. The character built up is nice and all the characters in the story has got their proper place in it. There are no characters that are unduly introduced or kept through the pages.

The portrayal of Sasha is really nice and gives out a good, positive message out to the reader. Samuel, as the grandfather, is also an interesting character, who even though he is not well, still shows amazing strength of character and beautiful support throughout, and who has not yet lost that trick of catching small things normally unseen to the eye. Trey is shown as a typical male who runs to protect the ones he love, and who is very easy to fall in love with for the exact same reason.

Overall a wonderful read. The last few pages, where the mystery is opened up is truly interesting and nicely written.

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