Book Review of “Five Crazy Days in May” by D. D

“Five Crazy Days in May” From the Files of Lickety Split Consulting and Detective Agency is what I classify as a Romantic Mystery/Thriller. Second Edition, Professionally Edited by Ms. Rachel Hockett. A Mystery set in the both the US and on a fictitious tropical island. With character names to put a smile on your face, and a mystery with a surprise ending, A truly enjoyable read.

My Review:
It is far from enjoyable read. First of all, it appears to be a mystery novel but the focus is entirely on the sexual relations between the different women involved in the story. The main lady finds that after years of marriage, her husband is a cross dresser and had legally changed his/her gender to female long before their marriage. This cross dresser husband is found to be a suspect in the murder investigation. Now that the wife has found out about the husband, she changes her orientation and gets involved with the Private detective she hires to find her husband.

There is nothing I found enjoyable in the novel. In fact I got so bored through the book that I did not even complete it. The excessive sexual content and the diversion from the murder scene was a total mood kill for me.

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