Book Review of “The Guest” by Suneetha Balakrishnan

Sameer is a ‘catch’, he is qualified, comfortably off, well-employed, young and has no bad habits. And when Sameer was proposed for serene Kavitha, she thought he was too nice. But is a girl allowed to say No because the groom proposed is unexciting? Then she met his mother…

The Guest is a day in the life of Mama, Sameer and Kavitha. A story of ordinary, everyday people.

My Review:
It is a short read, like a really short read, about 30-40 pages. But Suneetha has captured the entire Indian essence in those 30 odd pages. The story is really wonderfully written.

The story is a day in the life of Sameer, Kavita and Saraswati. The story starts directly at the start of the day. The background of the characters is said as and when required through the story. The story consists of three mild mannered people who still manage to have a small adventure in their life. Sameer is a mild mannered guy who does not take too much responsibility. Kavita, his wife, and Saraswati, his mother are two very unlikely mother in law-daughter in law duo who really get along well with each other. This one day in their life manage to make a considerable change and a certain guest enters their life towards the end.

There is no slack at any point of the story. There is a bit of suspense, some humor, amazing family bonding, at times even extra ordinary and beautifully described story. It is a beautiful half an hour read. It simply desires to be read at one go and not something you can put down in between. Engaging, capturing and interesting – this short story has it all. 5 stars hands down

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