Book Review of “The Legend of Dust Bunnies, a Fairy’s Tale” by Michelle R. Eastman (Goodreads Author), Kevin Richter (Illustrator)

This is not a typical fairy tale, and Artie is not a typical fairy. Artie is a misfit. His fellow Dust Fairies have a knack for dirtying people’s houses. They fire soot from their slingshots and enter crumb-spitting contests. While we sleep, they spread dust everywhere. Artie doesn’t make messes. He has a unique habit of collecting things. The other Dust Fairies don’t care for Artie’s collection of tidbits, so he spends his nights alone. One cold night, Artie’s loneliness leads to inspiration, and he creates something legendary. His story will have families looking at Dust Bunnies in a new light and may actually give kids an excuse NOT to clean their rooms. Artie’s story helps kids realize that we all have unique gifts and not everyone fits in with the crowd.

(Children’s Picture Book, ages 3-9)

My Review:
There is absolutely nothing to not love in this book. Forget love, there is nothing to absolutely go crazy and adorable in this book. Every single word to every single stroke of that brush is simply amazing and so creative, that I cannot see how this book can go anywhere else than just towards perfection.

The story is about a small little Dust Fairy who feels out of place among his co-Dust Fairies. So to get rid of this boredom and to create a new friend, Artie creates Dust Bunny. Soon the Dust Bunny becomes so famous that we find it everywhere in our homes today. The cutest ever story of the creation of Dust Bunnies and the cutest ever story for children

The book deserves nothing less than 100% marks for simply everything – creativity, innovative story, imagination, artistry, drawing, presentation, everything. Loved it absolutely

Check out the book at


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