Book Review of “Visitor” by David S. Reynolds

Dean Grey is waiting on an old friend. He is a friend that Dean has not seen in many years, in fact, the last time Dean saw his friend was the night Dean’s wife died. Dean suspects his friend knows more than he lets on about that night, but the time has never been right to ask about it. That time is now.

My Review:
It is just a 5 page book. But the story written in those 5 pages are truly brilliant. Such stories are good examples of why beautiful stories do not require hundreds of pages. There are so many emotions etched in those few words.

The story is about an emotional meeting between an old man and an old friend. The story is about the conversation they have sitting in his old house. And what a conversation it is!!

Just like the number of pages, I will give the same number of stars to the book. You must read it. It is just a 5 min read.

Check out the book at


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