Book Review of Jess and the Magic Wishing Well (The Jess Mystery Series, Book 2) by Nina Levison


‘Jess and the Magic Wishing Well’ is the second book in ‘The Jess Mystery Series’ of children’s stories. These are mystery, action and adventure stories for children aged 7 years and older.

Jess Daniels, pretty, with long dark hair and hazel eyes is eight years old, tall for her age and one of the oldest in her class. She and her cheeky best friend, Ruby Dimango, are both in Class Three at ‘Oakhill Primary School’. When the girls discover an old well in the grounds of the school, they think they’ve found a magic wishing well and they are determined to test its powers.

The class trouble maker, ginger-haired Joe Greaves, is curious about the secret meetings Jess and Ruby are having round by the well and he keeps following and annoying them. The well-behaved blonde-haired twins, Lucy and Tom Wallis think Jess and Ruby are up to no good. The school caretaker Mrs Duster and the secretary Mrs Clarke warn the girls that they will get into trouble if they are found near the well again.

The girls make several magic wishes over the wishing well but when someone disappears, together with the end-of-term tests, they wonder if they have taken things too far. The head teacher is very annoyed about all the strange things that keep happening in the school.

When the school is broken into and several computers are stolen, the local policeman is called in to investigate and the school is closed. On their way home Jess and Ruby notice a mysterious blue van and this leads to the discovery of the stolen computers.

The school re-opens, mysteries are solved and the magic ends… or does it?

My Review:

The Magic Well is the 2nd in the series of Jess Adventures. Jess is an 8 year old girl who loves to find things out and discover more about everything. Her best friend, Ruby, gets unwillingly dragged into all the adventures along with Jess.

This time, Jess and Ruby stumble upon a well in the backyard of their school. The well has not been in use for a long time and Jess wonders if the well might be magical. They decide to try and using coins Jess’s dad had given her, they make their wish. And that is the start of the next adventure for Jess and Ruby.

The story is a cute and fun filled story. The innocence of the children are shown by their wishes and their reactions when their wishes come true. Their relationship with their family, parents, teachers and other class mates really showcase exactly how the school environment is currently for kids.

This will truly be a nice read for kids around the age of 7-10. For a bed time story or even for a self read project, it will prove to be a good exercise and a good learning way. For adults, it is a good way to reminisce their child hood days and get a nostalgic feel within.

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