Book Review of “The Disappearance of Aunt Carol (A Clarissa and Paw Mini Mystery, Vol. 2)” by Sandra Baublitz

Clarissa Montgomery Hayes and Paw, her Saint Bernard, are headed to the beach with their friends, Jac and Shelbee, for some rest and relaxation. They are going to stay at the beach house of Jac’s Aunt Carol. But when they arrive the beach house is empty.

No one is worried since they assume Aunt Carol left early to visit her relative. Then Paw discovers Aunt Carol’s ring on the beach. Jac swears she would never leave without it.

Where is Aunt Carol? No one seems to know. What could have happened to her? And what are the strange lights at sea? Someone needs to investigate and Clarissa and Paw are the perfect team to do it.

This is a 4800 word mini mystery. This is the second book in the Clarissa and Paw Mini Mystery Series. The first book is The Mystery of the Blue Dolphins.

My Review:
I am totally in love with Clarissa and Paw, right from the first book. So when Sandra contacted me for review of the 2nd book, I was over joyed. And the book lived up to the expectations absolutely.

Clarissa is a young detective and Paw is her St. Bernard who is amazingly intelligent. Last book was about Blue Dolphins. This time they are on a break to a friend’s Aunt’s place but the Aunt has vanished without any trace. It is yet another opportunity for the girl and the dog to show how brilliant they are and they do not lose the opportunity to help their friend.

Amazing story, amazing friendship, amazing Clarissa and amazing Paw, right from the start to the end. It is a really short read but it is so interesting and exiting from the first page to the last. Clarissa and Paw are truly up for a long run. 5 stars without even a 2nd thought

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