Book Review of “The Mystery of the Blue Dolphins (A Clarissa and Paw Mini Mystery, Vol. 1)” by Sandra Baublitz

Summary by Sandra Baublitz:
Clarissa Montgomery Hayes and her Saint Bernard, Paw, have gone to visit Clarissa’s cousin, Lucinda. Lucinda’s Uncle Josh has recently died. No one suspects foul play until Clarissa finds a note under her door stating that Uncle Josh was murdered.

Deciding to investigate, Clarissa and Paw soon find out that Uncle Josh was involved in his own investigation: A rash of local jewel thefts, including the rare Blue Dolphins diamonds. Could his investigation have caused Josh’s death?

Clarissa suspects it. Thanks to Paw, a murder attempt on Clarissa fails. Will the killer try again before Clarissa and Paw solve Uncle Josh’s death?

This is a 4000 word short story/mini mystery

My Review:
A very short murder mystery but with such an awesome punch which sometimes even a full fledged novel cannot deliver. Clarissa and Paw are absolute lovable detectives. The Saint Bernard Paw is a darling digger and Clarissa is a very intuitive owner. Together, they manage to solve a murder mystery which was considered to be a suicide at first.

Yes, it is a very short story. But the read is absolutely worth it. Even in just 4000 words, the character building is very strong with absolutely no confusion in either the character or the setting. The description and language is so easy that the story plays in the head on its own.

This is, as the title indicates, first of, hopefully, many in the series. Clarissa and Paw are sure to be a super hit among all readers across all age groups. The short story will help keep the children attentive, the crisp description will engage the adults alike. An absolute 5 star to this one. Kudos, Sandra. Great job done

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