Book Review of ” The Amazing Airship Adventure (The Macdougall Twins Mysteries with Sherlock Holmes #1)” by Derrick Belanger, Brian Belanger (Illustrations)

From the bestselling team of Derrick Belanger and Brian Belanger comes a fun-filled mystery adventure for kids of all ages. It is London, 1897, and a pleasant dinner with a very special friend, Sherlock Holmes, is shattered by a terrific explosion that plunges 10-year-old twin detectives, Emma and Jimmy MacDougall, into an adventure.

My Review:
Sherlock Holmes has taken Mentees – and they are twins with skills very much like Sherlock himself. Their parents are not too much in favor of the kids doing detective work with Sherlock. Naturally too, as they get too carried away with detecting and forget about the consequences. But Sherlock is nothing is not a gentleman and he is always on the look out for the kids, always ensuring that they are safe no matter where they are and what they doing (or detecting).

An Airship comes and threatens Holmes brothers with dire consequences to London if the demands are not met. And the demand is money. Sherlock is skeptical. What is going on? He asks and the kids agree. Of course they want to investigate and find out what is going on.

The illustrations of Brian Belanger are really nice and gives a nice image to the entire story.

The story is nice and short. Although there is not much of Sherlock around, the kids make up for all the adventure you require. An interesting read.

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