Book Review of “Catching the Departed (Andy Karan, #1)” by Kulpreet Yadav

The dead don’t speak. But sometimes they leave a trail. Andy Karan, an investigative journalist, is tasked to probe one such – the death of a local lawyer.
He ends up grievously wounded. His new found love Monica’s life is in danger too.
It’s not that Andy wants to live for ever. But to die at the hands of enemies of the nation will be a shame that will transcend even death.

My Review:
The summary of the book was very captivating. That prompted me to contact the author for a copy. However, the story did not live up to expectations.

The author tried very hard to write a gripping mystery. The attempt was very clearly visible throughout the book. The descriptions were a bit too much, but not something which will bother you. The story is passable. It is definitely not bad, but it is also not as great as the summary gives.

Andy Karan is a journalist who has retired from Army. He has a thing for his boss at the magazine he works. He loves adventure and knowingly goes towards danger.

One thing I liked is the comparison of Andy Karan with the Character of Karan from Mahabharata. Andy refuses to be like Karan and strives very hard to not accept defeat in life. That is something which should be taken upon as a life motto for everyone.

Other than that, the story was an average mystery novel. I did not get the thrill which is normally associated with thrillers.

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