Book Review of “Dangerous Vows” by Ava Parker

When her cover is blown and her partner nearly killed, Miami vice squad officer Lucy Walker quits the force, packs her bags and drives to her childhood home in Graceful Bay, South Carolina. Seeking peace and quiet in the big beach house she inherited years earlier, Lucy is greeted by her best friend, Caroline Lamont, who is having some troubles of her own. After the savagely beaten body of a young man is discovered not far from Lucy’s home, Caroline finally starts sharing her suspicions about her husband, Daniel. As Caroline continues to uncover her husband’s duplicity, Lucy begins to wonder whether she has escaped the Miami drug cartels after all. With the help of the county sheriff and Gabriel Black, the handsome new man in town, Lucy must save her best friend from a group of professional gangsters and a vengeful husband.

My Review:
An under cover cop blows off her cover and gets forced by her own conscious to take a retirement to her childhood home. She comes home to a different sort of mystery with a chilldhood friend and her psycho husband. Aided with an ex-military boyfriend and the area Sheriff, Lucy Walker sets off to yet another adventure to save her friend and bring the psycho gangster husband to justice.

The story is gripping right from the first page. The story line is fine and properly written. The character development is perfectly done. The mystery is subtly crafted and solved. Caroline felt like a kid at times but I suppose she is supposed to be like that. There were certain parts in the novel which felt like it is being dragged or too much information was given. A complete chapter was dedicated to a folk tale of the country side which I felt was not at all required. But if you remove all that (it is not a lot to be removed. Just some) it is a nice read in all. The closeness in a small country side felt intimate and soothing. The overall feel of the novel was really nice. A mystery without going dark.

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