Book Review of “Never Spoken” by M.J. Owens

I’m Peter Day. I do not stand out in the crowd, I don’t impress teachers or kiss up to bosses, but I’m not a slacker. Just another cog in the machine.

I may be ordinary, yet, this is no ordinary love story. Because even an ordinary life is never that clear or straightforward. It is messy, filled with hope and regret, successes and failures.

You see, my best friends, Evan and Kylie, are getting married. Evan has a kind soul and an athlete’s heart, whom everyone loves. Kylie’s brutal honesty is both refreshing and terrifying. They bring out the best in each other.

I could not be happier for them both, but I also couldn’t be more frustrated with them both for the long and winding road it took to get them here. And if I survive the day without ruining their wedding, I’ll count myself lucky.

After all, there will be an open bar at the reception. Right?

My Review:
Never judge a book by its cover. And never judge a story until you have finished the last word in it. This suits perfectly to this story. It is not until the very end that you realize what is happening and the realization shocks you to the core and you are left wondering … “What Just Happened!!!!”

The story is about Peter, Evan and Kylie. Yes it is a love story. Yes it is a love triangle. But the triangle is not one bit like the conventional triangle. It is a triangle in a completely different version. Now, before I get carried away and give out the ending, I will shift my focus on the writing style.

The writing style is impeccable. MJ keeps us guessing till the very end about what might be happening and just where the story might go from here. From my perspective, I could not find a single flaw in the entire story, story line, writing or even the concept. For that matter, I want to go back and read it again to figure out if there were any clues given out through the story for the ending.

It is an absolute awesome read. Must Go For It!!

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