Book Review of “The Baby Sea Turtle” by S.A. Mahan


The baby sea turtle hatches late after all of his brothers and sisters have already crawled to the ocean. He accidentally turns the wrong way and heads for trouble. Will anybody help him find his way home? This preschool reader is richly illustrated by Deborah Mahan, acclaimed artist. It will be enjoyed children and parents as an excellent bedtime or anytime story. Hardcover and softcover available on

My Review:

The Baby Sea Turtle is a small story about how a turtle loses his way but still manages to learn. The story tells us that it is not as much important to find the right path as it is to keep walking on the path we find. It is a given that we will find our path soon but that should not stop us from exploring and learning as much as possible from the path we are on currently. Everything that comes our way is there to teach us something in life, to give us some invaluable experience and developing us in ways unimaginable.

The Baby Sea Turtle hatches late from the egg. In the meanwhile all his siblings has already gone towards the sea. Because there was no one to guide our Baby Sea Turtle, he takes the wrong path and ends up going in the opposite direction as the sea. However, that does not stop the Small Turtle to explore and be curious about everything that comes his way. He learns about flowers and bees and city and traffic before finally finding his way back with the help of a kind stranger.

The story is really small but with good moral. The book is perfect for small kids because of the very simple language and beautiful and colourful illustrations. A perfect night-time read for the kids and imaginative exercise for the parents, this book is a true catch.

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