Book Review of ” Snuffy and Vroom-Vroom: (Preschool Books for Kids age 3-5 and older)” by Elizabeth Lavine, Sheila McGraw (Illustrator)


An adorable little vacuum cleaner’s life is turned upside down when his beloved brother is purchased–and he’s left behind at the store.
Just when his heartbreak seems too much to bear, a magical friend arrives. She breaks the spell of sadness and sets in motion a chain

of events that cause a surprising serendipity!

This book is beautifully illustrated with 16 full-color illustrations by award-winning artist Sheila McGraw, illustrator of the children’s

classic Love You Forever. Suitable for boys and girls, age 3-7, bedtime stories, reading aloud and beginner readers.

A book your child will love with a great story, characters and masterful illustrations!

My Review:

Snuffy and Vroom Vroom are two vacuum cleaners and brothers. They had been together for more than a year. So when Vroom Vroom gets sold off one day, Snuffy cannot bear the parting. Although he also gets sold off to a wonderful family, he cannot forget his brother and cries everyday. His plight is resolved when one day, a fairy comes and tells him how he can be re-united with his brother.

The story is about doing good for others and thereby helping yourself. Being selfless helped Snuffy and therefore, will help you too. The book is best read with the audio book being played in the background. The sound effect and the voice modulation of the narrators are really endearing and cute. It can also serve as an idea for you to enact out to your children or encourage them to enact the story. The simple language and colourful drawings will make the read a very interesting one.

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