Book Review of ” The Pickup Pros” by Maria-Foteini Alevizou, Vlasios Papanikolaou


“We all have heard of professionals in picking up women. But what happens with the rest of the professionals? How do they do it? How would a lawyer, an economist or a web programmer approach his “target”? The answer lies within this book! Have fun…”

The book is a humorous collection of 60 different male professionals trying to approach and seduce a woman in a 1-page 4-panel comic strip. Each strip shows only one character, “the Pickup Pro”, speaking directly to the reader, as if the reader were the woman being seduced! The actual woman is not shown and her reactions are in most cases left to the reader’s imagination (though sometimes they can be understood by the expressions or the words of the character).

The book is divided, according to the type of each profession, into the following small chapters: Science, Business & Technology, Construction & Arts, Celebrities & Fashion, Nutrition & Sports, Healthcare, Spiritual & Sex Professions, Law & Order, Government & Security. At the end, there is a bonus chapter called “the wrong guy group”, with some of the guys that women should definitely avoid!

My Review:

Various guys from various professions and types try out various pick up lines according to their professions … and get turned down. This is one hilarious comic strip I have read. The pick up lines are non offensive and truly hilarious, even though they are really cheesy. Some are heard of, some are unheard of, some are notoriously funny.

The last chapter – the bonus chapter – is the one to look out for. It consists of the pick up lines you should definitely avoid, like the one from The Psychopath. It must have been a hilarious experience to even conceive such an idea and write about such things. I am truly glad I read it. Got some nice laughs

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