Restaurant Review of “British Brewing Company”

British Brewing Company has been in Viviana Mall, Thane for a long time and I had been planning to visit it since then. And then finally, on the eve of India – Pakistan Cricket World Cup Match, some friends and I visited the place.

We were immediately given a table for four people which was really comfortable and cozy. The wooden interiors and the wooden table gave a very old school look to it which we loved. The i Pad menu was also a different experience and it saved us the trouble of having a waiter hovering around us while we decided what to order. The privacy was a nice comfort which we have not experienced anywhere yet.

The Menu at BBC

We ordered Paneer in Black Pepper Sauce, Cheese Sizzler and Mock-tails (unfortunately we were not in a mood for alcohol and we missed out on the actual fun of the place) from the i Pad. The host just came once to confirm the order and then we were not disturbed at all. The food was delicious and arrived fast

Cheese Sizzler

The sizzler was delicious and combined with Black Pepper Paneer, it was enough for four of us. The Mocktails were also wonderfully prepared and refreshing.


We had an amazing time at British Brewing Company. The ambiance, the table setting, relevant privacy, food, drinks, speed of order clearing, everything was brilliant. It is an amazing place for friends to hang out and talk to content. There will be definitely a next time and now alcohol will be on the table for sure 🙂


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