Book Review of “Use Somebody” by Riley Jean


It takes but a single moment to reach a dream, and a single moment to destroy it.
All Scarlett Rossi wanted was a simple college experience: work hard, stay positive, and be true to herself. Enter charming and enigmatic Gabriel, who swoops into her life as if heaven-sent, opening her eyes to possibilities far beyond her bubble of obscurity. Together, for a brief moment in time, they dream bigger and love deeper than either one of them ever imagined. Until one horrific night where an act of heroism goes terribly wrong, and everything good in the world is ripped away… including Gabriel.
Traumatized and alone, Scarlett escapes back to her hometown, determined to bury the twisted nightmares of that night, and resolved to keep everyone out in the process.
When do-gooder Vance Holloway makes it his personal mission to cheer up the new girl at work, he has no idea what he’s getting himself into. Scarlett’s tough shell and spicy attitude doesn’t fool him. He knows deep down, that sweet, innocent smile still exists, and he’ll stop at nothing to prove it. Patience, persistence, and a little ice cream pay off. Slowly they become friends. Then best friends. Then more. Only one problem: he was never supposed to fall in love.
So begins an explosive tryst of pull and resistance, between one worthy white knight, and the damsel who doesn’t want to be saved. Scarlett won’t survive another heartbreak, but can their friendship survive a compromise?
If Vance is so determined to break down these walls, he’ll have to learn—just as she did—that when it comes to things like trust and love, there are always consequences.Because the last man that she loved swore to protect her, then paid with his life. And took with him a piece of her soul.
Now Scarlett must decide if true strength means guarding her heart, or surrendering to it once more. One final secret remains: what really happened the night she swore she’d never love another man, and whose hands are stained with his blood?

My Review:

What a book!!! Seriously, by the time I finished it, I was so much amazed by the story. There are very few books which has managed to take me on a roller coaster ride as much as “Use Somebody” has.

Scarlett has turned into Scar – a hard-core form as compared the bubbly happy and innocent girl she was before she went to college. Now she doesn’t care about anything, is as far away from happy and bubbly as possible, and does not believe in love. Her co-worker Vance is a very positive person, who wants to convert Scar back into Scarlett. What started as friendship soon turned into love for Vance, but Scar is still scarred and cannot trust again. Will Vance be persistent enough to make the impossible possible? Will Scar let herself be loved so much that she becomes Scarlett again? When the dark past comes tumbling back, will they both be able to sustain the pressure? Or will it end up breaking them both irreparably?

This is a dark love story. The story is in first person and alternates between past and present at frequent intervals. There are bouts of diary entries in between which gives an insight mostly for Scar but there is one entry about Vance too, which gave another turn to the story. The book is very much in detail and require patience to read every word of it. The story pace is very fast and that makes reading word by word very difficult. There are many places where I rushed through various paragraphs just to know what happened next.

To give more authenticity to the review, I am sharing the status updates I kept putting on Goodreads, whenever i finished a particularly thrilling part

  • 35% – There are times at the book, like when Ricky asks Scar to get a tattoo, when you feel Scar is a real person, a friend standing with you, and you have this powerful urge to tell her not to do it and go listen to Vance
  • 50% – The pain is clear but Scar and Vance should get together soon. I am dying to know what happened with Gabriel but she should open up now. Poor guy is trying so hard
  • 50% – The story is elaborate and very much in detail. And somehow it is still very endearing. It is very much like life itself. You know everything is going to end well in the end, but the present is far too slow for patience
  • 50% – The poems in between are so perfect for the settings. Rhyming and so much in sync with the story. Just perfect

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