Book Review of “A Sallamong’s Story” by Mona Roper


Santos, an endearing Sallamong, goes through turmoil when drought strikes the island and his parents turn against each other. With the help of wise and loving counsel from his grandmother, playing with his friends and supportive Sallamong tradition, Santos finds happiness and confidence again. However, when faced with a difficult decision – whether or not to shed his skin – his insecurity returns and he is tempted to stay in his old skin and forfeit the benefits of growing up. He makes a life-affirming decision when he comes to the wonderful realization that, regardless of what skin he’s in, he will never stop being himself.

My Review:

Children’s stories are always endearing, even if it is a soft copy to be read on an e-book reader. But when it is in hard-copy and you can see the cartoons and drawings on high-definition and the spacing of the words, clarity, smoothness of the page, colourful cover page, it is just an experience unlike anything else. The reading experience heightens and the pleasure of it, even for an adult, is so amazing. So, before anything, a special thanks to Mona Roper for agreeing to provide a hard copy for review and sending it all the way to India. I finished the book half an hour after receiving it. That is how much the book cover and a glance inside made me love the book.

Santos is a 10-year-old Sallamong, and is how a normal 10-year-old Sallamong is expected to be – cute, naughty, adorable and thinks the world of his parents and grand parents. Now at the age of 10, Sallamongs shed their skin. Santos has mixed feelings of shedding. The story is about how a child handles a conflicting matter and how the adults around children should handle such conflicts efficiently.

The story is beautifully illustrated with a colourful, wonderful drawing at every page. These drawings help imagine and picture the happenings of the story very nicely. The words are really easy to understand, which kids can try to read themselves too. The family bonding shown in the story is really cute. “Green glow” of pride of the grandparents in the end is just beautiful.

Since everything is mentioned, I have to mention that the printing quality of the book is unparalleled. The cover page drawing is very catchy. The paper quality is beautiful. The shine of the pages and smoothness is another thing that drove me to read it so soon. Very light yet very nicely done. The book is a complete package. 5 stars

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