Book Review of “Wiggly Slider” by Patsy Whittle


Wiggly Slider was born with two front teeth. Now, worms don’t have teeth, but Wiggly’s parents told him he was special. While Wiggly was chewing on a leaf, one of his teeth fell out and got lost. Wiggly searched for it but couldn’t find his tooth. He desperately wanted to find it so he could leave it under his rock for the Tooth Fairy. Then, maybe she would bring Wiggly something nice. Wiggly sets out to find his tooth. He gets help from his new friends along the way. Will Wiggly and his friends find the lost tooth? Will the Tooth Fairy make a trip to Wiggly’s home?

My Review:

Wiggly Slider is a very amusing children’s book. Just by looking at the cover, you will get that urge to read the book. A worm with teeth? How is that possible? How would that worm be? Will he be different? Arrogant? Or sweet?

Reading the book is an equally warm feeling. The more you get to know about Wiggly, the more you adore him. His fixation on Tooth Fairy is obvious as worms can never hope for the Tooth Fairy otherwise. His dedication to the work at hand and his loyalty to those who helped him in the end is very endearing.

Wiggly Slider is a wonderful book to be read out to children or let them read on their own. The importance of doing the task at hand diligently and giving due credit to those who helped are very important lessons to be taught to children. The illustrations and colour makes the appearance of the book very appealing to adults too, so naturally to kids as well. The language is simple and easy to understand and to read as well as a self assignment.

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