Book Review of “ANA!” by Cat Blount


”Got a younger sibling? Caitlin has one too!”

ANA! was written based on the relationship between my daughters Caitlin and Ana. From the time Ana, my youngest, was able to move about on her own, she seemed to always, let’s say, give Caitlin an exciting time. For me, it’s the cutest thing to see them playing with each other and having fun… For Caitlin, however, at times, it was more like, “Hello, she’s terrorizing me here!”
Join in the story with your child and try to figure out what Ana will do next.

Sisters? Yes. The same? Not quite. That’s OK isn’t it? Well…

An over-the-top, exaggerated, fun story for all.

My Review:

“Ana” is an illustrated story of two sisters. Those who have sisters will relate to the story completely. Whether you are the younger one or the elder one, the situations that happen in ANA will most definitely have happened in your life while growing up. The story feels very real and natural. The closeness between the sisters are kept intact while still explaining their differences. The naughtiness of the younger one and the helplessness of the elder one (and at times, even the mom) is an amazing, and nostalgic experience to read.

The drawings are artfully done. Language is beautiful. The entire book is colorful and appears to be for all age groups. Even parents of two sisters would love to read this one. Ana is a must have, preferably in hard copy. The colours and feel would be better if you have it in hand.

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