Book Review of “Cause of Death (Det. Annie Avants #1)” by Renee Benzaim


A Serial Killer. A black widow spider. A race to catch the perp before someone else dies.

Amazon Best-Selling author, Renee Benzaim, writes about the ultimate female detective fighting against time to catch a serial killer in Bakersfield, CA before a new victim is found.

Meet Robbery/Homicide Detective Annie Avants and her partner, Detective Tom Weston, of the Kern County Sheriff’s Office in California. In the dusty farm community of Bakersfield, someone is abducting and killing young Hispanic females. The killers weapon of choice – black widow spiders. Can these two dedicated Detectives catch the killer with the help of their peers and friends, Deputy District Attorney Jesse Greyeyes and Technical Investigations Chief Laine DelMonte?

CAUSE OF DEATH is a spine-chilling thriller that keeps you guessing right up to the last minute – and makes you wonder about the “normal” people in YOUR daily life.

My Review:

Cause of Death is the first in the series of Annie Avants Mysteries. A serial killler is on the loose who kills Hispanic women with black widow bites – a very painful way to die. Detective Annie Avants along with her partner Detective Tom Weston team up with Deputy District Attorney Jesse Greyeyes and Technical Investigations Chief Laine DelMonte to figure out who the killer is before another woman gets killed.

The mystery is really interesting and almost fast paced. The psychological aspect of the serial killer is shown only at the end. Till then, the reader is left wondering who is the killer and what is his motivation. There are some dead ends on the way but the route diverts soon and the race goes on. Annie Avants is a nice female detective with the right elements of feminine traits with a nice strong blend of courage and bravery.

Annie Avants is here to stay and so is Renee Benzaim.

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