Book Review of “Mr. Meeker” by Dwayne Fry


Mr. Meeker believes he is being abducted by aliens every night. He tries to tell others about his abduction, but even his wife and his boss think he’s crazy. Mr. Meeker tries to discuss the abductions with the authorities. They, too, believe he’s crazy. Is Mr. Meeker crazy? Is he imagining these things?

My Review:

Mr. Meeker was a different kind of novel than something I expected it to be. It is humorous, science fiction type. The story starts with a completely ordinary man having an extra ordinary experience. The experience makes him behave differently and that causes the people around him to get frustrated and think he is going mad.

The humor tones to the story is interesting and different. The way the story goes is captivating for a short story. The characters are appropriately developed. Those who are not playing a major role are developed to a lesser quantity. There are not much emphasis on physical appearance which makes us use our own creativity to picture the characters the way we want them to be. However, the ending could have been a lot different. The way the story ended gave a very disheartening feeling to the story and for Mr. Meeker.

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