Book Review “Willakaville: Amazing Adventures of Astronomical Awesomeness” by Mathew Heinecke


Welcome to Willakaville! An otherwise normal town turned upside down by crazy, silly, strange and supernatural wackiness. Amazing adventures of astronomical awesomeness has it all! Adventures, magic, mystery, time-travel, aliens, laughter, conspiracies, monsters, mayhem, dilemmas, and cats.

My Review:

Willakaville is an amazing short story collection with brilliant creative stories and beautiful imaginative creations. There is not a single story in the entire collection which will not leave you in awe for the story as well as the author. Mathew has a very fabulous and vivid imagination. If these are stories he has written, I can not even imagine what stories normally come to his mind.

Each of the stories tackle an out-of-the-world problem. Sometimes it is a tomato attacking Willakaville, otherwise it is a bad man coming and making everyone mean to each other. At times, people start swearing, other times, they are busy eating only mushrooms. If a mayonnaise causes trouble one day, then alien attack happen another day. Citizen of Willakaville is always in some or the other adventure.

The story, language and the drawings are just wonderful. Yes, the stories are illustrated and that too in a very imaginative fashion. Not that the stories require any illustration. The way the words are said for each story makes the reader imagine every circumstance with out the drawing’s help. But the drawings are an attraction too and will make a good reading for children, with the colors and bright feel of the book.

This is one of those books which must be read on a hard copy. I would really recommend anyone who buys it, to go for a hard copy. The feel of the stories and the drawings will be enhanced to a different level with the book in hand. Absolutely looking forward to further adventures of Willakaville.

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