Book Review of “Lyric the Unknown” by Jim Maher


Lyric Bell has always hated music practice, but that was before the world as she knew it ended. Now, she has to pick up her violin and play as if her life depends on it, because, well, it does!

My Review:

Lyric the Unknown is a YA fantasy story. The story is about a young girl getting lost in another world without her family. The story starts in a way like a fairy tale where dark clouds descend and everything goes dark. But then it takes a turn for so much more worse. Everything goes more than just dark, it turns horrifying.

There are times in the book where the story goes a bit slow and somewhat confusing. The book appears to be the first part and further sequels are expected. However, overall, it did not manage to keep my interest, and therefore did not motivate me enough to go for the next book. It appeared to be a bit too dark for Young adults to be reading. The theme of the novel, the story line, narration, everything feels more disheartening than anything else. If I were younger, I would definitely have been scared after reading the novel.

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