Book Review of ” Marie and Reilly Go to the Beach!” by Crystal M. Morgan


Marie and Reilly sure know how to make a trip to the beach an adventure. They learn there are so many things to see, find and do at the beach.

My Review:

“Marie and Reilly goes on a beach” is a beautiful illustrated Children’s book, which gives a sweet story of two sisters out on a beach on a beautiful summer day.

The story itself is very sweet and simple. The trip to beach is explained with all the enthusiasm and joy which children feel for such trips. The focal point which I felt for this book is the illustrations. The illustrations are not like the usual ones which are graphically prepared using technology (at least, that is what I felt). These drawings are manually prepared using regular crayons on paper. Those drawings create a beautiful authenticity to the story and makes it so much more endearing than it would have been if it was a graphical picture.

The story is really short but very sweet. I absolutely loved the family, the sisters, their curiosity and their love for each other. But I loved the drawings best. That was unparalleled.

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