Book Review of “I Want It!” by Cat Blount


Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

What do you get when you cross a giving town of people with a boy who takes, takes, TAKES! Not a good combination… Perfect, however, for Michael for he gets EVERYTHING he wants, and he wants EVERYTHING.

They shared their food, their garden tools, their clothes, AND their time. Morning, noon, and night… They all loved to share!
All but one, that is… Meet Michael. He LOVED that his neighbors loved to share. Why? Michael loved to take, and take, and take, and TAKE!

Enjoy this short tale about sharing, or not sharing, and find out if Michael ever learns his lesson.

My Review:

“I Want It!!” is a lovely story as a lesson for selfish kids. The moral of the story is given right from the title of the book. The story is about a kid who wants everything he sees around him, whether it is his or not.

For a children’s book, the illustration and colour are very catchy. The drawings are done properly showing the exact message as to be absorbed by the kids. The story is short and captivating. It is a good lesson to be given to kids at a young age to prevent them being selfish and showing the repercussions properly in a non – frightening manner.

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