Book Review of “The Devil’s Due (The Blackwell Files #5)” by Steven F. Freeman


Former Army Captain Alton Blackwell never thought he’d return to Afghanistan. Now he has no choice.
While on their honeymoon, cryptologist Alton Blackwell and FBI Agent Mallory Wilson receive a frantic plea for help. Resourceful Afghani teenager Mastana Meer, once instrumental in rescuing a mutual friend from Afghanistan terrorists, finds herself coerced into a nefarious plot by her Al-Qaeda uncle.
Having escaped the clutches of her terrorist uncle, the teen is days away from leaving Kabul for a better life when Alton and Mallory lose all contact with her.
As the former soldiers race to Afghanistan to search for Mastana, they battle Al-Qaeda terrorists, a resurgent cult of evil, and a web of political intrigue in which the label of friend and foe is not easily assigned. The duo must summon all their investigatory powers and combat skills in a desperate bid to track down their young friend and rescue her before her captors’ malevolent designs can be set in motion.

My Review:

The Devil’s Due is #5 in the BlackWell Series of books. Cryptologist Alton Blackwell is the lead character in these series. The current book has a terrorism background and the story has turns related to terrorism and Anti-God Cult activities. Although it is #5 in the series, it can be read as a stand alone as well. The characters in the story are so placed that the reader do not necessarily require the background. The story can be picked up from anywhere in the series and read as a whole.

The story is intense and starts with a running pace. The story line starts from the very first page and background is given wherever required throughout the story. I have always liked this way of narration as needless time is not wasted in giving unnecessary background first and then having to wait long for the story to begin. The characters are, as said earlier, properly developed. The development of the mystery is steady and nice. This is also a perfect book for fast reading. You can really read fast through the chapters and still understand everything.

Overall, it was an interesting read.

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