Book Review of “There IS a Santa! There’s Gotta Be…” by Cat Blount



Well, according to the children in this story, OF COURSE there’s a Santa! There has to be! Right? Who else would do so much, so perfectly, during that special time?

“Well of course there’s a Santa! Where do you think all of my letters go?
I write a letter each year to the one and only North Pole.
And last year there was a HUGE snowstorm the night I mailed my letter.
Who would go out, but Santa, in that horrible stormy weather?”

Awareness and the appreciation of loved ones and all that they do are themes behind this story that is perfect for any season of the year!

My Review:

This is one interesting story with a very different concept taken to narrate. Santa Clause is always a difficult topic for kids. In childhood, they are encouraged to believe in Santa and are given ample proof to state that Santa Clause exists. They are then made to behave properly throughout the year by giving the scare of naughty kids. Then later on, they are said that it is all a lie and Santa Clause never existed. It is always a huge shock when the reality hits and that turns out to be a very disheartening experience.

Cat Blount has handled the issue very beautifully. The way she has explained how Santa Clause does not exist but there is still something better to look out for, gives a very encouraging message out to the younger generation. The fact, although is painful in itself, still gives hope to the kids that, even though the person they had believed to be true does not exist, the love that person was said to be giving is still there. And not only that, instead of having that love and affection only once a year, the kids know that now they can get it all the time, anytime they want.

The story really brought me to tears with the way it was handled. I am proud of having gotten a chance to read such a beautiful book. This book must be read by every kid who is old enough to accept the truth of Santa Clause. No one can break the truth better than “There IS a Santa! There’s Gotta Be…”

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