Book Review of “4.50 from Paddington (Miss Marple)” by Agatha Christie


Previously published as What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw.

Elspeth McGillicuddy is not given to hallucinations. Until she witnesses a murder at Paddington Station. But did she? No victim, no suspect, no other witnesses. In fact no one believes it really happened at all. Except her friend Miss Jane Marple, and she’s returning to the scene of the crime to discover just exactly what Mrs. McGillicuddy saw.

Sensible Elspeth McGillicuddy is not given to hallucinations. Or is she? After she boards the Paddington Station train and becomes a witness to an apparent murder, no one believes her but her friend-the indomitable sleuth Miss Jane Marple.

My Review:

Who can not love Agatha Christie? Those who love classic mysteries and detective novels know that Agatha Christie works are considered to be the most elite form of literature in that genre. Out of the various works of Ms. Christie, I happen to adore Miss Marple stories the most. And when, during a buddy read, I was offered 4.50 from Paddington to read, I grabbed the opportunity. It was like coming home after ages – felt amazing.

Mrs. McGillycuddy saw a murder – in a train passing her train – for a few seconds. But that is enough to convince her that a murder has happened. But who would believe an old lady with such an extra ordinary claim? Who else but Miss Marple? But there is only one problem, apart from the claim being from an old lady, of course. There is no dead body. If what Elspeth McGillycuddy is saying the truth, where is the body? How will Miss Marple solve this one?

This is yet another epic from Agatha Christie. Naturally, there is no flaw. Classic “whodunnit” with clues hidden all over. All you have to do is find it by connecting the dots. Anyone who loves detective mysteries should definitely start Agatha Christie series. Nothing gets better than these (with the single exception of Sherlock Holmes of course)

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