Book Review of “The OMG Test” by Pippa Franks


Like Jane Austen’s Emma, Olivia Daly can’t resist the urge to meddle, but her Bridget Jones touch means things usually go awry.

Shop manager Olivia’s well-intentioned interfering stems from a fear of change. When friends talk of leaving, she quakes in her stilettos (or sensible work shoes). These shoes must stay a step ahead to prevent this from happening.

Commitment is not at the top of Olivia’s ‘To Do List.’ However, four friends with learning difficulties, dubbed ‘Olivia’s Misunderstood Gang’ (OMG),think otherwise. They devise a test for potential boyfriend/husband candidates. Olivia approves of the test, with the intention of using it to find ideal – and more importantly, – local matches for best friends Jasmine, Melissa and Sebastian.

When enigmatic shop-fitter Connor gate-crashes her life and heart, Olivia conscientiously puts him through The OMG test, ‘for anyone who may be interested,’refusing to admit how she feels.

As the test progresses, Connor passes each aspect with flying colours. yet he does appear to be hiding something. But unless it’s a wife and kids, does it warrant a fail? After all, there’s no such thing as the perfect man…even women aren’t perfect all the time…

My Review:

The OMG Test is a very different kind of love story. The focus is less on romance and more on actual relationships. The plethora of relationships shown are so beautiful and heart warming that there appears no way to not absolutely love the book at all.

We are taken on a beautiful journey with Olivia Daly – a soft hearted person who loves everyone she comes across. She does not just merely love her friends and family, she loves them with a passion. She would give up anything for their happiness. And these people also love her back with am equal passion. Olivia has a group of friends who has learning disabilities. These special people and Olivia make up “Olivia’s Misunderstood Gang” which is abbreviated as OMG Gang. They all want Olivia to be happily settled and that is how they come up with “The OMG Test” which rates men on various qualities and decides of they are suitable for a particular someone. Soon comes Connor and The OMG Test is put up to use. Will Connor pass or fail the test?

The story is truly touching in many different ways. The relationship Olivia has with her sister Melissa, her best friends Jasmine, Sebastian and Finley and the chemistry with Connor – all are wonderful to read. There are very less cliches in the story, which makes it refreshing and amazing. Normally with love stories, you know where you are heading. But here, because of the multiple focus on various people and situations, there is always something different coming up at every turn of the page, which makes the book really exciting.

Since I am saying about the book, I must mention that the quality of the book and the pages are truly amazing. There is only one negative thing here, which is the cover photo. The picture does not give out the essence of the story. The scene is definitely one from the book, but it does not show what the story is actually about. A different picture of maybe a checklist or a group of friends could have done better justice to the wonderful story.

Anyway, I am sure glad I read the book because I totally loved it. The OMG Test is an absolute must read book

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