Book Review of “Tales of the 23rd Precinct” by Kevin Eleven


It is well documented that despicable acts in the form of murder, bank heists, snitching, and drug trafficking happen in the heart of New York City daily. However, no borough is more adept to the turmoil of the inner city streets than Brooklyn. In a unique presentation, readers will be able to follow the stories and individual background surrounding Detectives Deborah Lane, Luke Fisher & Frank Matthews. The three detectives must use their wit, competence, persistence and sly capabilities to maneuver throughout Brooklyn and wherever crime may take them. No matter what misguided notions they act upon or crossfires they may encounter, it is quite odd and compelling that each of their stories correlate into something frankly twisted.

Genre: Short Story / Mystery / Detective / Crime / Police / Compilation
My Review:

“Tales of 23rd precinct” is a very interesting type of story. It takes us through the life of three detectives related to each other. All the stories start from where the previous one has ended. So that gives a continuation but in a different way. The story starts with Deborah Lane, a police detective. First story leaves at a decisive point and the next story takes up the thread from there with the story of Lane’s partner, Luke Fisher. The second story ends in the same cliff hanger point manner and the last story takes up with the narration of Luke’s nemesis, Frank Matthews.

The story is well written and gives a feel of reading three different thriller with a continuing under-tone. It gives a true cop life feel with the factual status of what truly happens in a cop’s life.

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