Book Review of “The Mystery of the Missing Bear (A Clarissa and Paw Mini Mystery, Vol. 4)” by Sandra Baublitz


Clarissa and Paw, her Saint Bernard, are visiting their friend, Mrs. Booksteen, when her neighbor boy’s bear goes missing. Where could it have disappeared to? Paw soon finds the bear, but then the real mystery begins. Why is there a key inside the stuffed bear? What does it go to and who put it there? More importantly, why is the boy’s stepdad so determined to get the bear back?

Clarissa and Paw will have to dig up clues to solve the case.

Genre: Mystery / Short Story / Animal Detective / Amateur Detective / Woman Detective / Woman Sleuth / Adventure / Series / Crime / Detective
My Review:

And Sandra Baublitz is back again with another Clarissa and Paw adventure. Before I start the review, let me tell you that it is going to be completely biased. I am a huge fan of Sandra and her books and can never find any fault in it. Volume 4 of the book totally lives up to the expectations once again. It shows the talent of an author when they are able to provide a complete package with adventure, mystery, and thrill in 5000 words and less. Be it this or any of the other 3 books of Sandra, the way a complete detective story is said in just 5000 words really gets to you and amazes you in multiple ways.

On that note, let us go to the book. In this volume, Clarissa and Paw encounter a smuggling racket right next door to their friend, Mrs. Booksteen. There is also a slight romance budding for Clarissa in this book. I hope it catches up in the next book (wink). The mystery brings out yet another way in which Paw shows how clever he is and Clarissa shows how much faith she has in her knight i.e. Paw.

There is a nice humor touch in the writing which makes reading very enjoyable. With Clarissa and Paw, of course, you cannot help but love them for their kindness to others, protective nature and love for each other. The bond between them is truly amazing. Sandra created yet another magic with Volume 4. I am always looking forward to Sandra’s next magical adventure.

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