Book Review of “Connor (A Kendall Family Novel, #2)” by Randi Everheart


When Sophia Turner comes home from college for the summer, she has no idea her stalker is planning to kidnap her – and worse. But she escapes with the clothes on her back and nothing more, searching for safety and somewhere to stay.

Connor Kendall is looking forward to a quiet summer running his bed and breakfast, but when a barefoot Sophia turns up looking scared and with no bags, he takes her in despite concern she may have brought trouble with her. She’s hiding something, he’s sure, and yet he vows that nothing will harm her as long as she’s staying with him, but the promise might be harder to keep than he’d ever imagined.

Genre: Romance / Romantic Suspense / Series / Siblings / Family / Drama
My Review:

Kendall Family is back again with another brother in love. But just like the first one, this love is also tough to get. Randi Everheart had me captured with Tristan. With such an engrossing story, when it came to an end, the curiosity to read the next in the series was too much to handle. So when Connor came out, I was on the book like cat on milk. And it definitely made me happy.

Connor is 4th in the 5 sibling family of Kendall. But love seems to be targeting in descending order for them. Soon after the youngest got hitched, it is Connor’s turn to find true love. But with Sophia, true love comes with a price – a deadly stalker-ish price. There are some points in the story where I felt the concept of true love is taken literally and very much like a fairy tale. But that gave a very uber-romantic ambiance to the story.

Connor is very much like any olden fairy tale minus the frills and royal kingdom. That gives a very lovable feel to the entire story. It is very easy to imagine the flow of the story as it goes and the feel-good factor at the end is just another amazing thing about it. With the novels of today which gives a hard-hitting reality, stories like Connor helps you believe that knight-in-shining-armor do exist and true love, although hard to find, is definitely there.

Waiting for Riley to get shot by Cupid’s arrow now 🙂

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