Book Review of “A Good Day (Lucy Collins Series)” by Francis Yamoah


After her father’s death, newly promoted Detective Constable Lucy Collins of the Metropolitan Police Service have had to move to the small town of Kennet in order to take care of her seriously ill mother.

Kennet is a calm and quiet town which has recorded the lowest crime rates in the whole country for the past ten years, chances are, the most serious crime she is going to investigate is going to be some kind of anti-social behavior; and her first day at Kennet Police Department is promising to be the most tedious day of her life. That’s until she sets down the path of investigating a car crash which is believed to be nothing but an accident.

Genre: Mystery / Suspense / Detective / Murder / Police / Thriller / Serial Killer
My Review:

It has always managed to surprise me how very few words manage to make, not just a story, but a super thriller, edge-of-your-seat murder mystery while at it. A Good Day is just 70 odd pages long, but it feels so much longer at the same time, too short while you are reading it. Francis has created a super charged atmosphere in the book with just few words.

This is the first book of Lucy Collins series, where we are introduced to an intuitive, talented and bold Detective Office Lucy Collins, who resigned her post from the city and shifted to the police force in a country side, so that she can be nearer to her ailing mother. The story starts with the day 1 where she is joining the police force. The day is expected to be boring and really slow, but suddenly a murder comes up, after 15 long years, and there starts Lucy Collins’ career as Detective Officer. Because no one else on the force has experience with murder, it is all on Lucy and her intuitions to solve the case and catch the murderer.

The way the story goes is thrilling and full of suspense. In just a few words, an amazing murder mystery has come up. From the time you start reading, it is near impossible to stop. Somewhere throughout the book, Francis has left clues for the reader to identify who the murderer could be. So that makes it a game as well, while enjoying a suspenseful half hour. The character building is impeccable. For a small town, the ambiance and people’s mind-set was properly matched. The simple-minded trusting people such as these are only ever found in country sides. But like Miss Marple says, sometimes it is the simplest of place that holds the deadliest of secrets. I could not find any fault in the book. For a short murder story, this is as perfect as it can get.

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