Book Review of “Little Sparrow, A Kiowa in Love” by R.A. Winter


A romantic comedy with a bold Native American twist.
Karen ran away, leaving her family and her dreams behind. She returns for Thanksgiving only to slept with a man who could end her career, the most important thing to her. She thinks.
Richard didn’t need anyone in his life since his wife died. Work consumed him, until a storm delayed him.
He’d ended up in bed with Karen, only to have her run out and vow never to see him again. But he needed more.
For Karen, Thanksgiving had turned into a complete fiasco when she realized that her Mother had invited Richard to Thanksgiving!
They never guessed who was behind all. Who the grand instigator was.
Enter Grandfather, he raised his daughters the Kiowa way. He needed his heritage to be passed to the next generation. But Karen kept running away from him.
Grandfather took one look at Richard and decided to put him through the trials. No one courted his granddaughters unless they were worthy.
But even if Richard passed the trials, could Grandfather convince them that they belong together? And more importantly, with him?

My Review:

Little Sparrow is a love story between a woman and somewhat older man. The setting is a typical Native American story.

Karen is a workaholic and does not think she will be comfortable in a relationship. Richard is still recovering from the death of his wife and has immersed himself in work. Richard’s dad is dating Karen’s mom and both of them set their children up as they feel they are perfect for each other. Soon sparks fly between the young couple. However before Richard can be a part of Karen’s life, there are some tests he should pass. And even if he passes those tests, does Karen want him in his life?

The story is a typical love story. Man and woman meet and fall in love. What felt off with the story was the tests. The way these tests were designed in the book was kind of a bit strange to be conducted. That felt out of place for the story. Other than that, it was a nice story with a cozy reading atmosphere. Nothing spectacular. Just regular

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