Book Review of “Short Term Memory” by Jack Elgos


A single-minded voluntary hospital visitor meets an elderly patient with an interesting story to tell.
The revelations could be life changing, but can the visitor keep the old man on track and sort through the ramblings of his dementia?

What this story is and, more importantly, what it isn’t.
Short Term Memory is by no means an epic. It’s not a full length novel and it’s definitely no War and Peace.
It’s a suspenseful story, one for readers who’re looking to kill around 45-minutes.
If this sounds like your thing, hit the Buy now with 1-Click button to begin reading Short Term Memory.

Genre: Short Story / Suspense / Thriller / Robbery
My Review:

Short Stories always interest me. They convey the thriller / suspense packed material in just a few powerful words which leaves the reader desperately wanting for more. Authors writing short stories truly have the art of suspense writing essentially captured. Short Term Memory is one such brilliantly written story.

The story is about a voluntary visitor meeting an elderly patient at a hospital. The patient is suffering from dementia and the visitor wants his story. How far would the visitor be able to unravel the mystery he is looking for? How much will he get and from that, what can he finally put to use?

The pace of the story is super fast and rolling right from the start. The emotions of the two main characters of the story are displayed effectively yet in minimum words. But what truly takes the cake is the climax: perfect ending to a wonderful story.

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