Book Review of “Project Ark” by L.T. Gibbons


What if everything you thought you knew about the universe was a lie?

Fourteen year old Mia McAdams’ world is turned upside down when she finds herself torn from her life on Earth and transplanted onto the planet Usonia – a secret utopic world colonised after the second world war to safeguard the human race.

Submerged into this new reality, Mia quickly falls in love with the glittering planet and its alluring, other-worldly inhabitants. But when the future of Usonia comes under threat, it soon becomes clear that Mia holds the key to its survival.

Genre: Sci Fi / YA / Fantasy

My Review:

I am normally not  a fan of Fantasy Fiction but the blurb of the book seemed different from the normal fantasy books that I come across. It is just because of the blurb that I tried the book. And the saying “do not judge a book by its cover (or even genre)” got reinforced in me all over again. Project Ark was an amazing adventure for me.

Mia’s parents are very adventurous and having a child did not stop them from pursuing their dreams. Her dad had left for his own adventures long time back (although he always maintained contact with Mia) and when her mom got an opportunity, she also chose her work over Mia. That made Mia uproot herself and relocate to her great-grandfather, who was her next guardian, and that is where the adventure begins. Mia’s great-grandfather is one of the founders of life in a new planet! So Mia is going to a new planet Usonia to live the rest of her life, if she chose so.

The concept of mankind uprooting and relocating to a new planet has been going on in our science world for a long time and we had always wondered how the life would be. Now Gibbons have given us a very optimistic view of how our future just might be in that new life, if the people let that happen. The story is very futuristic but believable because of the concept. It makes us hope for such a life in future, when the possibility is open.

The narration is first person from Mia’s perspective and her curious mind makes us see so much in the black and white letters on paper. The only thing missing were pictures of the new planet. But part of that was already covered by graphic explanation of everything around Mia. The overall experience with the book was brilliant and in spite of being a non-fantasy reader, this one definitely made the reading worth the while till the very end. I sure hope there is more parts of the story coming up.

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