Restaurant Review of Koolar & Co., Matunga

Irani Restaurants are just amazing. Their food tastes like pieces of heaven. And Koolar fits the typical idea of Irani Food.

I had the privilege of going here for breakfast last week. The moment you see the restaurant, you get a homely feeling. That feeling just increases after you sit inside. When we went, there were not much people around so it was a super relaxed atmosphere. I almost felt like pulling up a book and reading and never leaving the place. But everything changed when we ordered food.

Image uploaded by Piyush on Zomato

The first thing we ordered was mutton keema and pav. The image above is taken from a review post on Zomato as we forgot to take an image of the food we received (we forgot our own name after eating. But that is the next story) Since the actual food looked exactly like this minus the tissue, I am going ahead with this image.

The keema was so yummy and the pav was so soft and tasty that there was nothing left to say. I really felt like I have died and gone to heaven. It was the best keema pav I have had in my entire lifetime.

Image by Vivek Nair on Zomato

Then my friend suggested that we order chai and bun maska. I am not a tea person so I was skeptical about ordering tea. But since it was a specialty here, I thought to go ahead and try it.

Image by Vivek Nair on Zomato
Image by Vivek Nair on Zomato

That was yet another mind boggling experience. For a non-tea drinker to actually like tea and bun maska combination is something of a hats-off feat. And they achieved that. I positively loved the experience. Although I am still a non-tea person, I will definitely have tea at an Irani cafe any chance I get all my life.

The service was excellent. The waiters were attentive enough to take orders properly but also not hovering around, so not annoying. I found the price to be reasonable for such awesome food. Everything ordered totaled up to INR 285 for two people, which was quite OK for me.

It was the best breakfast experience I ever had with Koolar. It is a definitely go-again place. Next time, I will take a book and settle there for some time, if they let me. The shrine they have of their dog who passed away is also very heart rendering to look at.


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