Book Review of “The Case” by Marc Hirsch


A divorced legal assistant in 1955 New York City, Alice White, travels to a small upstate mountain community to investigate the violent death of a doctor. What at first appears to have been an accident, unfolds into a deadly power play of greed and marital discord that threatens to end her life, just as she has begun to thaw.

Genre: Mystery / Suspense / Crime / Detective / Legal
My Review:

The Case is legal detective story of a Divorced Legal Assistant who is hired to investigate the murder of a doctor. The case appears to be a simple matter of negligence.

The story was good. The mystery was a good old-school murder mystery with a variety of characters of different shade. The suspense was well hidden throughout the story and the author made a good effort to maintain the suspense throughout the book. The language of the book was also good enough with almost no obvious mistakes.

However, the characters were too shallow. Alice gave too much credit to her being beautiful and a woman. The author made it look like these characters are enough to gather evidence as apparently, people talk freely when a woman is beautiful or sexy or both. The flow of the story was also a bit flawed. A lot of times, the thoughts of the characters were explained out loud which, I felt, was needless and side tracking the issue. This was basically due to improper narration.

The story overall was very good. The concept was gripping. If the narration style and character depth was changed, the story will do really good.

2 out of 5 points

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