Book Review of “Happy, Sad, Good, Bad” by Cat Blount


Caitlin feels many different ways at times, and she shares them all with you through her journal entries, which are accompanied by either pictures or her personal artwork. You will see Caitlin deal with eight different feelings, from happiness and sadness, to scared and agitation. She will carry you through all of the scenarios that crystallizes those feelings.

Genre: Children’s Book / Illustrated / Short Story
My Review:

The necessity of children to speak to adults about things they feel and people they encounter are very high today as compared to our previous generations. Technology has closed or restricted our mode of communication to people who matter. At such times, books like these play a very large role in children’s’ lives. In the story, Caitlin expresses various of her emotions to her diary. She also discusses them with her parents, as said in the book. This helps her gain better understanding of her feeling and also helps the parents to guide her in the right direction.

Using this book, children can be encouraged to write diaries and discuss random things with adults of their choice. Such books are a must to be read out to children today.

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