Book Review of “I’ll Sing for my Dinner” by B.R. Kingsolver


When Cecily Buchanan walks into the Roadhouse Bar and Grill and offers to sing for a meal, ex Marine Jake McGarrity can’t say no. Some say Jake is too soft hearted for his own good. But letting the waif with the cover girl face and the voice of an angel walk away would be more than he could stand.
Cecily’s sweet nature, bubbly personality and obvious talent endear her to everyone she meets, and Jake soon knows his heart is lost.
Cecily has secrets and won’t talk about her past, one so dark that she has nightmares and clutches a knife while she sleeps.
When those who are chasing her close in, she faces the decision of whether to run again or to trust her life to the cowboy angel who has taught her the meaning of love.

Genre: Romance / Romantic Suspense / Contemporary Romance
My Review:

 Romance is fun. Suspense is interesting. And when Romance and intense suspense come together, the fun just gets more interesting. With “I’ll sing for my dinner” the story line basically starts with suspense. A super talented singer hitch hiking and agreeing to work for peanuts. There is bound to be a terrible past to it. An ex-military guy attempts to crack her and tries to get her to where she belongs. But if it were so easy, then there would have been no story. The intensity of the story and complexity of the characters are truly where the author deserves kudos. The flow is brilliant, the story is amazingly woven to cover so much in few words. The characters are a bit on a larger side but can be accepted without distracting from the story.

The suspense built throughout the story takes it to a different level. Narration is third person but from both the protagonists’ POV. The depth of the characters are wonderful and resultant reactions feel believable, by looking at the larger picture. By the end of the story, you really feel like you have been through an amazing journey. Kingsolver has done magic with this one. Romantic Suspense has gone to a different level of admiration for me, with this book.

The book scores high in all the required categories, so a definite 5 star to it.

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