Book Review of “Sam Visits the Farm” by Sheryl Tidlund


Sam the Boxer is at it again, this time he visits a farm and interacts with all the farm animals and a spooky scarecrow. Follow him along on this adventure. This is book 3 of the series.

Genre: Childrens’ Book / Illustrated / Short Story
My Review:

 Sam is a lovable dog who is playful and mischievous but has good observation. The story takes Sam through a Zoo and explains all the animals in it. For children who have just started learning animals, this is a good study book in an enjoyable manner. The language is sweet and easy for children to understand. The flow and explanation is precise. The colours and drawings in the animation are really catchy and will help keep the attention from wandering.

Overall, a very nice lesson book for kids about various types of animals in the zoo. Ideal to be read just before going to a zoo.

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