Book Review of “The Beginning (Crime Solver’s Detective Agency #1)” by Victoria Schwimley


Meet Karrine, a clever, witty twelve-year-old with her own detective agency. “No job is too big” is her motto. In Dognapped, Karrine scours the city to find the beloved stolen pet of a kind older woman. In the Magical Disappearing Act, a magician’s assistant disappears, and it’s up to Karrine to solve the mystery. In The Painted Ponies, Karrine, along with her quirky cousin, Jayden, who has come for a summer visit, must discover who would want to paint all the ponies in Mr. Jackson’s stable. I our final story, The Body, Karrine will face her biggest challenge yet as she mishandles a murder investigation. Can she recover her dignity and solve the crime, before all the clues go cold.

 Genre: Mystery / Detective / Amateur Detective / Crime / Short Stories / Series / Girl Detective

My Review:

Karrine is a 12 year old, very inquisitive girl, who has a knack of solving puzzles, and therefore, local mysteries. Teamed with her 8 year old cousin Jayden, Karrine goes around her neighbourhood solving all kinds of mysteries, whether she is hired to do it or not. The book is a compilation of number of stories. All the stories are light hearted and fun. However, the helpful mind of Karrine is something to be appreciated. Irrespective of whether someone asks her help or not, she is always ready to help and also to complete the task taken irrespective of the difficulty involved.

The book is for Young Adults. It is on the similar lines of Famous Five or Secret Seven by Enid Blyton, except those stories were a little bit more intense than this one. Crime Solver’s Detective Agency is a light hearted novel with ample humour to keep the audience entertained. It should be read by all.

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