Book Review of “Six Days: Book One in the SIX Series” by Randileigh Kennedy


In an effort to disappear from the disappointing life she was living, Addie packed up her car in the middle of the night. She began driving, aimlessly, in search of a new life away from everyone and everything she’d ever known. Unsure of what she was even looking for, one brief stranger encounter opened her up to a new world. And better than that, one small, simple dare held the possibility of changing the only life she had ever known.

Genre: Romance / Contemporary Romance
My Review:

Six Days is the book definition on Contemporary Romance. The story is so sweet and soft without any sexual scenes. It is about two friends who fall in love with each other. The way the couple bond over unique mini adventures and how the love blossoms between them is something wonderful to read. The characters are very believable and the flow of the story is really smooth. The entire book is like a soft lullaby. You feel really good after reading the story. It is a book to be definitely read for anyone who likes contemporary romance in soft settings. A feel good book, it can be read even in low phases of life, as a pick up for the mood.

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