Book Review of “Surface Tension” by Christa Maurice


Rachel doesn’t believe in Little Green Men, but she’s got a serious thing for Max. Wait, make that Rachel doesn’t believe in Little Green Men until her dog attacks one in the woods.

Max really likes Rachel, but what woman is going to want a guy totally obsessed with aliens? Then she turns up on his doorstep with an injured Extraterrestrial Biological Entity. Now they have to figure out how to help the alien without tipping off the FBI agent who has been surveilling Max.

Ranley is just hoping to survive overprotective dogs, stupid co-workers and well meaning superiors and get out of this situation with a couple of cool scars and a nice cushy lecturing job in Zenoexobiology.


Genre: Sci Fi / Fantasy / Extra Terristrial
My Review:

Surface Tension is a Science fiction based short story of a very interesting incident with an alien on earth. It is loosely based on ET with the exception that the alien here is well evolved. Although ideally I would have wanted the alien to play the main character in the story, I can very well settle with the current pivotal role played in the story.
The characters of Rachel and Max are very believable, although lack a certain depth to it. They come across as stereotypical and being too mechanical. The story covers all the bases by just touching upon all of them. It should have been a full length novel and not a short story. It feels more like a summary than a story with the current manner.
In spite of all this, the story is entertaining. No points can be given for character depth and overall feel of the story. But 1 point for fun, 1 point for the alien, 1 point for the climax. A total of 3 stars for the story.


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